Cryptocurrency – what, where, why, how?

You’ve probably hear of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, but like many you might not be clear on exactly what it is, where it came from and how it works. Well, that’s why were here, let us answer 4 key questions we get asked about Crypto all the time…
What is Cryptocurrency?

In it’s

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The good Cryptocurrency article guide…

Listen up CITA members and visitors, we wanted to provide you with a guide to some of the latest and greatest articles we could find across the web for learning more about two of the most widely used Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum… enjoy these fantastic articles!

Why Bitcoin Matters

By Marc

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Bitcoin hype, what’s the story?

Bitcoin. The word we have all heard so much recently but a lot of us don’t really know what it is, where it comes from and what it’s uses are. Yes, it’s a digital currency that could increase drastically and make us a lot of money. But how

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